Everything you need to know about fishing in Chilliwack

There is an astounding number of water bodies stretched across British Columbia. No wonder it is known to be the best place for fishing adventures in Canada. However, if you want the ultimate fishing expedition then you have to go to Chilliwack, Fraser Valley. Fishing in Chilliwack gives you the peace from the tranquility of the placid waters and the excitement of the perfect catch. It has all the ingredients for a lifetime of an adventure that one should not miss out on.

Fishing Adventures in Chilliwack, Fraser Valley

Fraser Valley is famously called the fisherman’s paradise. The Fraser River is home to the massive white sturgeon that attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over Canada. Besides that, the river also has other varieties of fish like the steel-head, trout and all five species of salmon. Your fishing trip should be perfectly timed with the fish season. One needs to know the right season for the particular fish that they want to catch. Following are the famous fish species that are available in Chilliwack Fraser River and the time of the year they are available.

White sturgeon

Fraser River is famous worldwide for its massive white sturgeons. The average size of this fish is about 4 ft. they can grow up to a massive 12 ft. Sturgeons are found all throughout the year, but the ideal season to catch a white sturgeon is the time between 15th March to 10th May and 15th July to 15th November.

King salmon or Chinook salmon

The Fraser River is home to all 5 species of salmon. The king salmon is the largest of all and can weigh from 10 lbs to 50 lbs. This fish is available for the most part of the year. Their season start starts in June and ends after November.

Pink salmon

The pink salmon migrate through the Fraser River. They are quite feisty and active and require a light gear to catch.

Coho or silver salmon

These are the most difficult to catch because of the acrobatic nature. The common technique through which you can catch Coho is spoon casting, fly, spinner and drift.

Chum salmon

Fishing in chilliwack

Fishing in chilliwack

This species of salmon are available from October till November. They are fairly easy to catch and can be quite enjoyable for a fishing enthusiast. Besides that, you can also have the luck of catching a sockeye salmon, trout and char while fishing in Chilliwack. The fishing adventures make for an excellent getaway in a group or solo. There are many companies that arrange fishing trips for even corporate groups in Fraser Valley.