Fishing Tips to Fish in Fraser River – Fishing Adventure

The Fraser River has one of the biggest populaces of the sturgeon in the entire world. The Sturgeon is one of the greatest freshwater fish found in North America. The fish don’t have scales, and their skin looks like that of a shark. The Fraser River Sturgeon of late years has turned into a typical and well-known game fish sought after by fishermen from everywhere throughout the world. You ought to consider taking a gander at some Fraser River sturgeon angling for an unrivaled angling background. This review gives the absolute best tips for angling Sturgeon fish in the Fraser River. 

Use Appropriate Bait

The correct term draw alludes to copying the creepy crawlies that are available in the water. Various seasons accompany different bugs that the sturgeon fish bolsters. Along these lines to get the best incubate it is of significance and an unquestionable requirement for a Fisher to utilize the best snare that is “in season”. For example throughout the spring, one can utilize goads, for example, eels, dew worms, and eulachons as these draws are promptly accessible in the stream. During pre-winter, a fisher can utilize a crisp Chum salmon roe which is attached to a golf estimate nylon sack, and this will expand the sturgeon get as this snare resembles sturgeon treat.  

Fishing Adventure Fraser River

Perfect Location 

Sturgeon fish are apathetic, dormant fish that affection their dinners straightforwardly conveyed to them. This implies for a Fisher to have a decent catch, it is critical to find a profound moderate moving water which the fish are probably going to hold in. 

The fish additionally have constrained developments; this implies once you moor and snare a sturgeon, at that point, there is a likelihood that you have discovered your nectar gap. 

Use Light Weight

A simply enough weight is expected to keep your snare at the base of the waterway and without bobbing it in the ebb and flow. This is on the grounds that Mr. Sturgeon does not cherish the sentiment of obstruction when taking your lure. Regularly much of the time where the fish will get the goad and rapidly drop it, yet to maintain a strategic distance from this it is fitting to help the weight, and the fish will remain long enough on the trap to get snared.  


Sturgeon fish are scavengers and for this situation, the head length is basic. As a Fisher, you don’t need your lure gliding 3 feet over their head. What you require is a trap lying level on the Fraser waterway base where the fish can without much of a stretch smell and discover the goad. 

Angling isn’t tied in with throwing your line into the water with the expectation of getting much fish as could be allowed. Angling requires a blend of the above tips and systems to guarantee that your accomplishment in the fishery.