The basic facts about salmon fishing in Chilliwack

Fishing Adventure chilliwack

Set amidst the scenic backdrop of the Fraser Valley, Chilliwack is surrounded by beautiful mountains and serene lakes. It is a nature lover’s paradise that comes with a great number of outdoor activities for the adventurous. It is a popular holiday destination for the outdoorsy types, and people from all over frequent the place a lot. Besides that, there is one other thing that attracts people to this place and that is salmon fishing in Chilliwack. Being surrounded by pristine lakes does come with a catch as this is where you will get about five species of Salmon.


If you want to have a memorable salmon fishing experience, there is no better place than Chilliwack of BC. The five species of salmon are all available during the season time that stretches from May to the end of November. The salmons that are found here are:

  1. Springs or King Salmon
  2. Sockeye Salmon
  3. Pink Salmon or Humpys
  4. Coho or Silver Salmon
  5. Chums or Dog Salmon

If you are lucky you might also go back home with a massive white sturgeon, the special attraction of these waters.


To explain the fishing timeline, let’s begin with the beginning of the year:

  • The season starts with the arrival of the Spring or King salmon. It is during early May, however, these fish are to be found all throughout the summer till the end of October.
  • The nest in line is the Sockeye salmon. You will find these salmons from the end of July till late August.
  • The Pink salmon or the Humpys is a bit rare. They arrive in the odd years and in huge numbers. The time for pink salmon fishing is from September till October.
  • The early October is marked by the arrival of Coho or Silver salmons. These are available till the end of November.
  • Around the same time, the Chums or Dog salmons make their appearance too. They too stay till November end.

If you are interested in Salmon fishing then you have to remember the timeline of each species. For people who are interested in Pink salmon, remember the odd year factor. This is 2019 so you might get lucky. But you have to wait till September to book a charter and go fishing in Chilliwack.